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Purchase the Donator Group via ibEconomy!

Aug 27 2011 12:38 AM | emoney in Articles

I've installed the initial beta release of (e32) Points Per Cash! :)/> To help me test, and also get you Donator status, feel free to purchase the Donator Package. Once I release the plug-in (which will be paid) you will have free access to it....

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ibEconomy 2.0, Now With Plug-ins!

Aug 10 2011 02:07 AM | emoney in Articles

Last week I released ibEconomy 2.0. This version has been completely updated to work with 3.2. Virtually every template was rewritten and many of the features were tweaked to provide a better experience and of course to work within the 3.2 framework....

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New Host + ibEconomy Back On!

Jul 27 2011 06:44 PM | emoney in Articles

Sorry for the downtime. We've successfully made the transition from HostGator (boo) to Site5 (hopefully yah!) and now that the site seems stable i've upgraded the version of ibEconomy installed to the latest build and reenabled the app. Over th...

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(e32) ibEconomy 2.0 Sneak Peak

Jul 02 2011 11:36 PM | emoney in Articles

This is probably pre-mature celebration, but it looks like everything that needed updating for IPB 2.0 is done. :o/> After another all-dayer today, all 6 hooks are now working with 3.2 (had to say bye to Profile Comments :(/>) and I added a slick new...

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(e$) Mods With IPB 3.2

Jun 09 2011 04:09 PM | emoney in Articles

Now that IPS has released 3.2 Beta 1 to it's customers, I know there will be plenty of issues with my existing softwares. I have every intention of updating my 3 supported releases, ibEconomy, Custom Sidebar Blocks, and Post Author's Status....

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ibEconomy needs YOU!

May 29 2011 12:34 AM | emoney in Articles

I've received dozens of requests over the years to integrate ibEconomy with some of the add-ons IPS makes, such as IP.Blogs, IP.Downloads, IP.Gallery, etc. At first it wasn't possible, because there were no hook points in those software to tap...

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