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IHS completes 10,000km cable rollout

IHS Nigeria has announced the completed rollout of over 10,000 km of fiber optic cables across the country.

The firm stated the rollout, which was done through its subsidiary, Global Independent Connect Limited, will help boost broadband access in the country.

In a statement, the firm stated that it continues to deploy Fiber-to-the-Tower to provide increased transmission capacity to help improve the performance of fiber access networks and introduction of next-generation technologies, such as 5G services.

GICL, Vice President, Kazeem Oladepo, commented, “Limited metropolitan and long-haul fiber optic networks continue to be an obstacle to the improvement of existing communication services, and the introduction of emerging technologies and digital services in Nigeria.

“Our approach to fiber optic cable deployment concentrates on implementing networks on an open access, shared infrastructure basis, providing robust and scalable fiber pairs and alternate ducts to ensure multiple operators can utilize the infrastructure. Through collaborations with multiple stakeholders, including our customers, state and federal agencies, we have achieved a significant volume of fiber optic cable network delivery in under three years.

 “We are committed to supporting the Federal Government’s digital economy objectives, and this milestone demonstrates the possibilities of accelerated critical infrastructure roll-out when key stakeholders align their objectives.”

The firm further stated that it has implemented mobile network coverage in over 580 previously unconnected rural communities in Nigeria through its rural telephony program.

Recently, the Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy announced the launch of initiative called the National Broadband Alliance for Nigeria to solve low-fibre network rollout in the country.

The initiative to boost broadband development and adoption would be launched in Edo, Ogun, Kwara, Katsina, Imo, Abia, Borno, and Nasarawa in the first quarter of 2024.According to the ministry, Nigeria needs at least 120,000km of fibre optic cables to achieve its coverage goal.

Nigeria has a broadband target of 70 per cent set for 2025 and as of 2023 only 78,676km of fibre optic cables have been deployed in the country.

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