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Chery Automobile sales grow by 52.6%

Chery Automobile said it sold 1,881,316 vehicles in 2023, marking a 52.6 per cent growth compared to the previous year.

This was disclosed in a statement by Carloha, the exclusive national partner of Chery Automobile in Nigeria.

The Chinese automaker revealed that about 937,148 vehicles were exported, representing a 101.1 per cent increase compared to the previous year.

The firm noted that its performances surpassed the industry’s growth rate, thus establishing it as a critical player in the global automotive market.

“As a global player, Chery not only maintained its reputation for innovation and quality but also set new benchmarks in the global automotive domain.

“This announcement not only celebrates Chery’s success story but also serves as an inspirational call to greatness, echoing through the continued growth of the Chery brand in the Nigerian automotive market.”

According to Chery, maintaining the position of China’s number one passenger car exporter for 21 consecutive years in 2023 reaffirmed its status as an industry leader deeply committed to providing quality automotive products satisfying customer needs.

The automaker said it excelled by ranking first in the automotive index category of the “Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders’ Report” and securing the top position in J.D. Power’s IQS (Initial Quality Study) among China’s domestic brands.

In collision testing, Chery declared it set a historic record with 532 vehicle collision tests, earning the Tiggo 7 Pro a five-star rating in the Australian A-NCAP.

Various Chery vehicle series, including Tiggo 8, Tiggo 7, and Tiggo 4, secured first place in their segments, attesting to Chery’s dedication to exceeding expectations, the company said.

The automaker expressed its commitment to environmentally friendly automotive solutions, producing eco-friendly vehicles and implementing sustainable manufacturing practices.

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