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Drogba made me love Chelsea – GorosoEkiti

Ekiti-born comedian and content creator, Olamilekan Owolabi, popularly known as GorosoEkiti talks about his love for Chelsea, sports in the state and more in this interview with ABIODUN ADEWALE

Aside from making funny videos, how connected are you with the world of sports?

I’m a lover of football and I support Chelsea as well as the Nigeria female team, the Super Falcons.

Why not the Eagles?

Well, I fell in love with the female team because of their performance at the last FIFA Women’s World Cup. They were really inspiring.

How long have you been a Chelsea fan?

I started supporting Chelsea around 2008 and it was due to the presence of African players as well as black players in the team. I saw them as a team that someone could be proud of due to their mentality and they showed that on the pitch all the time. The Chelsea I began to support them was a team that the opponent’s fan wouldn’t celebrate a result until the referee blows the final whistle. Beyond the team, I also liked the ownership style of Roman Abrahamovic. You’d see hm at every home game and he seemed like a no nonsense person in making decisions.

Which African player was your favourite at Chelsea then?

That’s Didier Drogba. Forget about the fact that Mikel was there, Drogba was special. I loved everything about his style, especially his chesting and turning techniques while trying to score. I loved him a lot.

What do you think has changed over the years about the Blues?

A lot, especially in the last two seasons. Things are not the same as before and I believe it is majorly due to the change of ownership. The way it happened kind of destabilised the club even though the new owner is also a money spender. All the bad results we have are down to the problem in management.

Chelsea’s results have not been impressive recently, but do you think the win over Tottenham can herald the improvement you desire in their performance?

I don’t think so but we will take that one. That was much deserved but I still think the team has a lot to improve on. Generally, the players are underperforming and they lack confidence. Maybe once they have confidence, there will be some difference. At the same time, I really don’t have confidence in our manager as well. Although he has worked in the Premier League and PSG, he still needs the charisma to be a Chelsea coach.

Of all the managers that have handled Chelsea, which one is your favourite of all time?

It’s definitely Jose Mourinho. So good that he was hired twice and he won titles in both periods at Stamford Bridge. After him I’ll pick Guus Hiddinck. He was also a typical Chelsea coach. Roberto Di Mateo also comes to mind too because he led us to our only Champions League title.

Is the Champions League win your biggest Chelsea moment and how did you celebrate?

Yes it is. I remember I was just leaving secondary school at that time and it was a period when the then top four teams in the EPL usually bragged about having won the Champions League. So for Chelsea to have joined them and leaving Arsenal behind, it was a big deal. Not long after we won the Europa. That was a very proud period for me as a Chelsea fan.

What’s your expectation from Chelsea this season?

I haven’t really raised my hopes with the team. We have not been really convincing. There are excuses about injury but I don’t think it should be this bad. So, I’m only expecting something better than last season’s performance.

Since you are based in Ado-Ekiti, how much do you know about sports in Ekiti State?

Not much but anytime we make the news in sports, I try to find out if it’s for the positive or negative reasons. I read about the last National Youth Games and the dressing issue as well. It was not something to be proud of as an Ekiti indigene but I’m glad it gave those concerned some sense of awareness about doing the right things for our athletes. Aside from sports, we are very proud of our roots in Ekiti so whatever happens, we take it and do the right thing.

You are more popular than all the sports teams in Ekiti State. Have you thought of a way to help promote their activities?

Honestly no. But I will gladly do it for free if I’m approached. I know we have a basketball and football team who compete in some leagues, so we deserve some recognition as well. Sports in Ekiti is not like other states in the country, so if my involvement will help drive investors and commercial activities, I will gladly be interested in promoting them.

Which sports did you engage in while growing up?

I played football and I loved athletics as well. I wasn’t really a fast runner so I was better at football and I played that from my primary school to tertiary institution. I played as a right back and was in my school team in both primary and secondary school. But I didn’t play while I was in University, I only represented my church (fellowship). All my life in the university was from school to church and the hostel. And yes, I was really good defensively, unlike the modern day full backs that are now in football.

So why didn’t you consider a career in football?

Football for me was leisure. I saw entertainment as my calling, even though I didn’t start that until I was in my final year. Maybe I would have also become a successful footballer but I’m proud of my growth in making comic videos. So, as it was before, football is for leisure.

While playing in secondary school, was there another school that posed a great threat to your school?

I attended Government Science College in Emure Ekiti and there was another school called Model who were like our rivals in football.

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